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The German-made Aladin Go is the perfect traveling companion for summer or winter trips, wherever you go!
It's small enough to take with your on a cottage stay or the beach.

Simple to use, perfect for beginners.

With its sleek design of only 22 centimeters high the Aladin 2 Go is our most popular mini hookah.
It includes both a classic purge and a hose connector compatible with any silicon hose.

With the Aladin2GO, you can enjoy your favorite smoke without worrying about space. It's small enough to fit in any room and has all of its original features plus more!

The special glass flows perfectly with the stem and the extraordinary design will surely capture the attention of any Shisha smoker. It performs just as well as any large shisha.

Add a bowl and a hose, and off you go. No matter when. No matter where. The Aladin 2 Go is always ready for use and also comes in a small, stylish package.

The Aladin 2 Go also offers a great smoking experience at a low price, right in the comfort of your home.

22 centimeters in height, a nice plate, a non-removable diffuser make this model the hookah to own.

  • High quality aluminum
  • Integrated diffuser
  • Closed Chamber
  • Blow-out valve
  • Plate for charcoal
  • 22 cm tall

Attention: Aladin 2GO does not come with a bowl or hose.

Bowl recommendation:

Silicon Hookah Bowl

Glass Bowl

Hose recommendtion: Black silicon hose.

 Hose handle : Smokah , Aladin.