Provost II Heat Controller

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AOT Provost II Heat Controller

Looking for an easier way to control the heat of your hookah bowl? Look no further than the AOT Provost II Heat Controller! This amazing device requires zero foil, making it ideal as a match made in heaven with your AOT Bowl.

It is universally compatible with any hookah bowl - simply place it atop with or without foil, and adjust the vents according to preference.

The AOT Provost Heat Controller is a great way to optimize your hookah smoking experience. Made of stainless steel with a silicone handle. The heat controller fits up to 3 large size cube coals, and comes with a stainless steel coal tray with wind-guard. This saves you coals by optimizing the heat, and makes cleaning easy.

Enjoy easy smoking that always hits just right, thanks to this ingenious companion for all your hookah sessions!