MOB Wood Hookah

Khalil Mamoon
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This hookah is part of the wide collection of MOB unique products. It has a wood stem and beautiful silver stainless steel ornaments. Its base is made of thick glass that is market with stunning decorative lines. If you want a super performing hookah, yet very durable and with a stunning appeal, MOB Wood hookah is amazing deal for you!

More About MOB

MOB has a unique collection of hookahs, hookah accessories and E-hookahs designed with heavy duty stainless steel materials and thick glass for the base and decorations which make them exceptionally strong. Other than the patented AK47 Hookah, MOB has a wide range of high-quality hookah items. Every item is amazing in their own way! Picking MOB items is an awesome choice whether you are a serious and passionate hookah smoker or a just a beginner.