Khalil Mamoon World Cup Gold

Khalil Mamoon
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The Khalil Mamoon World Cup Gold is a hand engraved, 26 inches, detailed heavy metal hookah with a perfect glass vase that is perfect for anyone who wants a hookah that will last from years to a lifetime. It was handmade in Egypt by a team of skilled craftsmen who specialize in creating the highest quality hookahs available today. Khalil Mamoon has been producing their beautiful hookahs since the 1800s, so its no wonder why their quality is number one. 

In The Box:

  • Authentic with KM stamp on the tray
  • KM Pro signature hose 60″
  • Gold Metal Tray
  • Clay Bowl
  • Cleaning brushes
  • Grommets
  • Tongs

 More About Khalil Mamoon

In the world of the most durable hookahs, Khalil Mamoon stands still in taking the top of the list. They are known by their high performance and durability, which gives you amazing smoking experience for a lifetime. Khalil Mamoon is an Egyptian handcrafted type of hookah that is built by professional hookah artisans for centuries.

What makes KM hookah strong and durable is its manufacture of heavy duty materials and welds. You may see some minor scuff and scratches on the stem and the vase, but that’s normal since it is a handmade piece.

The design differs from one hookah to another because of the handcrafting process. Which means whenever you get a Khalil Mamoon hookah you’ll have one uniquely designed just for yourself. However, there the designs are quite similar.

If you worry about KM performance, you should stop right now. Khalil Mamoon hookahs are high at performing huge smoking clouds with their wide hookah base.

So to wrap up, Khalil Mamoon’s decorative style and amazing performance is a great deal whether you are beginner in smoking hookahs or you are a serious passionate smoker. You will always have an enjoyable and long smoking sessions alone or with friends and yet another amazing decorative element in your home.