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The Khalil Mamoon Safari Oxidized hookah is a small hookah standing at 22 inches in height. The size is no hindrance as it is a powerful hookah giving you and the friends excellent smoking sessions. The hookah is a high grade product that you will love and every hookah fan will love.

The Safari Oxidized hookah is made from high quality heavy duty material guaranteeing you a long lasting product. Each of these hookahs is very unique as lots of care and consideration is used in creating them. This makes them cool and stylish and is a perfect gift for your friends.

Reasons you will love the Violin Safari Oxidized Hookah:

  • You are guaranteed of a strong and durable hookah as it is made from high quality material.
  • The hookah has been designed to create long lasting memories with friends and family.
  • Is a worthwhile investment as you are guaranteed of excellent smoking sessions all the time.
  • Its performance matches the bigger sized hookah and this will blow your mind.

In the box:

  • Silver metal tray
  • Signature 60’’khalil Mamoon hose
  • Clay bowl
  • Cleaning brushes