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The Khalil Mamoon Silver Shamadan 1 floor is a hookah uniquely designed to promote the oldest smoking traditions. Standing at 28 inches in height, it is one of the best-selling hookahs in Khalil Mamoon’s collection. The shisha pipe will add elegance and will act a cute décor tool when not in use.

The Silver Shamadan 1 floor is a hookah whose performance is unmatched. It has been designed to ensure you enjoy all the natural shisha flavors and have an excellent smoking session with your friends. The hookah has been created by highly skilled artisans making each piece as unique and stylish as they can get.

Reasons why the Silver Shamadan 1 Floor will stun you:

  • The hookah has been designed to produce thick clouds of smoke making your smoking sessions enjoyable; can be used by both veterans and amateurs.
  • Made from quality steel, this product is durable and can be sued for many years to come without losing its quality.
  • The hookah cools down the smoke and adds flavor and makes it sweeter this will have you and your friends looking forward to every smoking session.
  • It is a hookah worth investing in as it guarantees you top-notch satisfaction.

In the box:

  • Stem
  • Tray
  • Glass Base
  • Hose
  • Tongs
  • Bowl
  • Base protector
  • Cleaning brushes for vase and stem