Khalil Mamoon Double 1001 Nights Chiller

Khalil Mamoon
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The Khalil Mamoon Double 1001 Nights Chiller (2092C) is an authentic KM hookah designed to deliver an exemplary smoking experience. It has been made to deliver enormous clouds of sweet flavored tobacco smoke. Every puffing session is a moment to cherish with family and friends as you share memorable moments together.

This 39 inch shisha smoking pipe can act as a lovely décor tool when not in use. It comes as a complete set including all the essential accessories that you require to have an incredible smoking episode. You are guaranteed value for your money with every purchase that you make.

In the box:

  • Charcoal Screen
  • Hookah Tongs
  • Clay Bowl
  • Cleaning Brush Set
  • Rubber Grommets
  • 72" Washable Hose
  • Plastic Mouthpiece