Hookah Bowl Screen

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Have you been thinking of replacing foils for a different product? The this hookah bowl Screen is the answer. Made of stainless steel, this product is rustproof. It is prefab with medium holes that are well placed and uniform for better airflow circulation and heat control management. While it's a product of choice to some people, others keep it as an alternative for when hookah foil runs out, it's compatible with all hookah bowls except the mini.

This hookah bowl Screen is a reusable quality product so you won't discard it off after the first usage, its diameter is 2.46 inches. It's a superb upgrade and a great replacement. When using bend three small tabs over the hookah bowl, and one large tab up for ease of handling. Place coals on top to heat up your tobacco and when done savoring the experience, wash it and reuse again.