Small Hookah Vs Large Hookah: Top 3 Myths and Assumptions Debunked

Small Hookah Vs Large Hookah: Top 3 Myths and Assumptions Debunked

Have you ever been lost for choice between buying a large hookah or a smaller one? Most people assume that large hookahs are the best option simply because of their bigger size, the general idea being that larger hookahs smoke better than smaller hookahs because of the length of the shaft.

While there will most definitely be some differences when comparing big hookahs to small hookahs, the differences are often subtle and difficult to detect. In this blog, we discuss 3 of the common assumptions people have about hookahs, and whether they are right or wrong.

 1. Large hookahs cool the smoke more than small hookahs

When the smoke comes out of the bowl and goes into the well, it is usually very warm. If you have ever touched the bowl during a smoking session, you already know this. The smoke spreads in three stages: in the shaft, in the water, and the pipe.

The temperature of the pipe (which is cooled by the ambient air around it) slightly cools the smoke, but the temperature of the water is the biggest determinant of how warm or cooled the smoke will be.

When the smoke passes into the water, it is cooled down to the temperature of the water. This means the temperature of the smoke in the shaft no longer matters. Also, due to the non-conductive materials used for pipes, their temperature has little effect on the vapors passing through them. As a result, it can be concluded that the length of the sheath has no significant impact on the temperature of the smoke.

In other words, it doesn’t matter whether the hookah is large or small; the temperature of the smoke delivered is more dependent on the water temperature than the size of the hookah or length of the hose.

2. Larger hookahs give easier draws than small hookahs

When air moves certain distance (say a few meters), the length of the channel through which it flows affects the suction force. But a small distance of several tens of inches will have little effect on how hard you need to suck.

More important than the length of the air passage is the width or "opening" of the air passage. The width of the air passage is determined by the diameter of the rod and the pipe connection. If all these openings are large, the air can pass through them without resistance, and the suction force needed will be little.

If these holes are small, a contraction of the air pressure will occur when you try to suck air through the hookah, and a "tight" or "hard" draw will occur. Thus, as long as the down stems, the hose connectors, and the hoses are roughly the same, the draw will be the same whether you are using a large or small hookah.

3. Large hookahs produce more smoke compared to small hookahs

How much smoke you get from your hookah depends on several factors; the setting of the bowl, the quality of the tobacco you are using, the type of coal, and the interaction of all these elements.

Since the hookah only carries and filters smoke, it can be concluded that the height of the hookah is not essential for smoke generation.

So, which is better, small or large hookah?

After carefully analyzing all the arguments that bigger water pipes provide denser smoke or a better experience than small shisha pipes, it is clearly apparent that both are okay and produce the same results.

In short, the height of your hookah and size of your base has little effect on the smoothness and temperature of smoke produced. However, taller hookahs can generally hold more water, and will therefore be able to cool the smoke better and longer than smaller ones. But as long as your hookah has a base that is large enough to hold plenty of water, you should get adequate cooling no matter the size.

It therefore boils down to personal preference. If you are looking for something for fun sessions at home, then a large hookah is ideal. If you are mostly on the move, but still want to enjoy a session or two when on the road, then a smaller sized hookah will be a more practical choice for you.