How To Make Your Hookah Taste Better

How To Make Your Hookah Taste Better

Taste is an essential aspect of smoking hookah and sometimes you have to tinker with a few things to get that rich and intense flavor you want. While it is easy to create a lot of smoke, that can affect the quality of the smoke and the session itself. To enjoy a longer, more fulfilling session, you will need to get things right from the onset. Here are a few ideas to help you enjoy a better tasting hookah experience

1. Don’t Keep Tobacco Near Coal

Do not expose your shisha tobacco to burning charcoal when smoking. When the charcoal comes in contact with tobacco, the heat denatures the tobacco and spoils its taste. You are going to feel a distinct burnt flavor if this happens.

2. The Deeper the Bowl, the Better

If the bowl is deep, the better it is for air circulation. There may be enough tobacco to form a cushion of air between the charcoal and the tobacco.

3. Let the Tobacco Sit for Sometime

Place the tobacco on a surface for about 20-30 minutes before putting it in the bowl. This is to help the tobacco to adapt to being unpacked. Sprinkle on a piece of paper, open to the ambient air and then place it in a bowl. This is sometimes called acclimatization. It is done to give the tobacco a stronger flavor because the substance is balanced with the outside temperature.

4. Sprinkle the Tobacco

Sprinkle the tobacco instead of using it as a whole piece. Sprinkling tobacco in a bowl increases the chances of hitting the coal while letting hot hair to pass it better. This results in denser smoke and a stronger taste and flavor.

5. Use Small Holes

Choose many small holes instead of big ones. Instead of making large holes on the foil sheet, use simple needles or nails to punch many small holes on the surface of the foil. It allows more air to pass through, and also evenly distributes heat.

6. Move the Coal

Move the charcoal on the surface of the foil or bowl at regular intervals of 5 to 10 minutes. This exposes different areas of your flavored tobacco to heat and will result in longer sessions, and a stronger, more fulfilling taste. Also, when the coal is in the same place, the charcoal will burn fast, and there will be more tobacco left "unused." This will become tasteless after a while of smoking.

7. Clean the Hookah

Make sure to clean hookah parts regularly. Cleaning is not always fun and takes a lot of time, but it helps a great deal especially if you use strong flavors such as mints, citrus fruits, and burn effects. Clean not only the bowls and glass pieces, but also the hoses to. You can buy long special thin brushes designed for this job. Note: If the filter ball is metal, do not let it go in the water.

8. Change the Hose

Different hoses will get you different tastes and flavors. A sturdy leather hose will absorb a lot of smoke, A light one cools the smoke better, and one with metal streaks enriches the flavor. Get different hookah hoses and try them out to find the one that works best for you.

9. Reduce the Amount of Coal

The more coal there is the more smoke. This does not necessarily translate to a good hookah session. Many hookah places suggest adding more coal to produce more smoke, which is true. The problem is that this method has its consequences: The more the coal, the higher the risk of the tobacco getting burned. Less coal is ideal.

10. Add Green Tea

If you are the type that loves doing little experiments to enhance the flavor of your shisha, green tea is the way to go. Green tea and shisha together enrich the taste and flavor of hookah. Start small though, and increase the quantity gradually if you like the flavor. Do this until you get to where you feel flavor achieved is just perfect for you.