Egyptian vs Chinese Hookahs

Egyptian vs Chinese Hookahs

Whether it is your first time buying a hookah or you are looking for a new piece to add to your collection, the design and the quality of smoke produced will most probably be among the top considerations you will make. Generally, there are two hookah designs to choose from: Egyptian made hookahs, and Chinese made ones.

Each of these hookahs have their own advantages and disadvantages. The purpose of this blog post is to help you understand the fundamental differences so you can make an informed decision before you spend several hundred dollars. Also take time to visit several forums to get feedback and first hand opinions from people who’ve used the hookah you are thinking of buying.

1. Design

If you are trying out hookahs, the Egyptian hookah is the typical starting point. Its popularity is the main reason why modern companies have tried to emulate it. They have gone further and attempted to ensure that their pipes have met or surpassed the drawn benchmark. When a new pipe is introduced to the market you should consider the issue of how its draw compares to the Khalil Mamoon’s draw. This statement is enough to let any hookah buyer know just how important the Egyptian hookahs are to the industry even a century later.

2. Craftsmanship

When buying an Egyptian hookah, you are assured of getting a very unique piece. Each piece is hand crafted, making it very unique and with a unique personality too. Because they are made entirely by hand, you are bound to notice some visual imperfections (scratches, scuffs, and the like). These do not compromise the quality of the hookah though.

Chinese hookahs on the other hand, are created from a mold and produced in mass. This gives them an identical look, and there is nothing unique about them. They are however great if you prefer perfect visual aesthetics. However, if you are a hookah lover who values authenticity, the Egyptian hookah is your perfect answer.

3. Price

The Egyptian Hookah comes in a full package that include everything you need to get started. This makes Egyptian Hookahs more expensive compared to their Chinese counterpart. But even though they are more expensive, they are worth every penny you spend on them. A lot is invested in crafting them, from the quality of material, time it takes to craft a piece, the level of craftsmanship, and its durability.

On the other hand, Chinese hookahs are very cheap and readily available. Since they are mass produced in a mold, little is invested in making them. This generally cuts down on the cost of production and the reason they are cheap to buy.

4. Smoke Quality

Smoke quality is top notch with Egyptian hookahs due to the unique design of their inner stem. This makes it easier to inhale your shisha smoke as it is usually 1 inch wide. This gives a difference in the smoke quality and the amount due to the wide diameter opening of the stem.

Chinese made hookahs have a thinner stem producing less amounts of smoke. The quality of the smoke is also low. This means that if the quality of smoke produced is a big deal for you, Egyptian hookahs are a better alternative for you.

5. Durability

How long a hookah is going to last is most definitely an important aspect to consider when buying a hookah. You want to invest in a hookah that will work and serve you for a long time, and should therefore consider how resistant to water and moisture your hookah is. This is determined by the material used to make your hookah.

Egyptian hookahs use brass which offers strength and does not rust or get corroded by water. Chinese hookahs are mostly made using aluminum and stainless steel. With time, these hookahs get corroded by water. The Egyptian hookahs are also built to last for a lifetime, which is not really the case with the Chinese hookah which requires replacements of parts as time goes by.

Based on your style preference, budget, durability, and other factors, we are hoping you are now in a better position to decide what hookah is good for you and why. The Egyptian hookah will give you multiple smoking sessions that you would enjoy, while the Chinese one offers good functionality for a fraction of the cost. Whichever you settle on however, make sure to use good quality coals and shisha as these can really make or break your smoking sessions.