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The Beginner Hookah Starter Package.

Welcome to the world of hookah! If you're ready, then it's time for your first session.

You've come in search of an experience that will take Hookahs from merely being social smokes into something much more elaborate and personalized, but what are some basics?

A Good place to start would be with our Pharoah Hookah. Standing at 17" with a solid decorative glass vase, this starter hookah comes with all the necessary grommets, a hose/handle and a phunnel.

An easy-to-setup package that got everything to get you started. Just light the charcoals and off you go.

Included in the Starter package:

  • Pharoah hookah set. Your choice of: Pharoah Spirit, Pharoah Atom, and Pharoah Aztec. 
  • 1 Flavor of your choice of Karizma(250 grams).
  • 1 Pre-cut 20 sheets Zanobia Foil.
  • 1 Box of Three Kings Quick Lighting Charcoal.
  • 1 Bag of Small Mouth Tips