Mya Dervish

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The Mya Dervish is a 22 inch hookah pipe with a touch of class and style that fits modern standards. It stands tall in the world of hookahs as one of the top performing shisha pipes. The hubbly bubbly is long lasting and low maintenance which leaves you enjoying decades of satisfying smoking experience. It has been built using the best materials in the market.

Each hookah shisha has been uniquely crafted by seasoned artisans. With every purchase that you make, you get a quality and authentic hubbly bubbly. It has been designed to deliver large clouds of shisha smoke that leaves you smoking like a breeze. Get to share unforgettable moments with family and friends as you enjoy this hubbly bubbly.

In the box:

  • Coal tongs
  • Vase, bowl and hose seals included
  • MYA ceramic bowl included
  • airtight body seals
  • Assorted bowl, vase, and hose colors