Khalil Mamoon Heart of Lion

Khalil Mamoon
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The Khalil Mamoon Heart of Lion is second to none. Its stunning performance, top quality and authentic style has made it one of the most sought-after KM hookahs. It can serve you for decades and still provide exceptional performance. The 35 inch hubbly bubbly can withstand mishandling without getting damaged.

The hookah shisha delivers incredible puffing sessions and will have you smoking like a breeze. This shisha pipe delivers thick clouds of sweet flavored tobacco smoke. It features an appealing, stylish and classic look that makes it a lovely centerpiece when not in use. With every purchase that you make, you get a top performing and good quality hubbly bubbly.    

In the box:

  • Bowl screen
  • Tongs
  • Cleaning brush
  • Egyptian style bowl
  • 10 mouth tips
  • 5 filters
  • Setup and Care instructions