The nargile (Hookah, huka, hooka, shisha) first became popular in the primitive form of a coconut shell in India and soon became one of the oldest and most popular traditions in Turkey. There is no discrimination when it comes to smoking the shisha, as men and women equally partake and enjoy its aromatic offering. Before reaching the rest of the world, shisha popularity spread to Iran, which is widely recognized as the launch pad to global popularity. Even though Iran was the first stop in global stardom, it was in Turkey where design and tradition truly took the form of the cultural characteristic of the region, and has remained relatively unchanged for generations. Even though the shisha entered popular culture over 500 years ago, it still remains a social mainstay for much of the world. It soon became clear there was a social educate to working the shisha, from passing the hose, to lighting the coals, to changing the tobacco. But don't worry, shisha smokers are generally patient, thoughtful people who are more than willing to help you learn. Between the surreal calm and subtle customs surrounding the elaborate and often painstakingly designed shisha, its tradition soon became ingrained in Turkish culture, providing pleasure to millions. Today, you can find people enjoying shishas in homes, restaurants and cafes around the world. In New York, there are seven lounges named after the word Nargilah! In addition to its pleasant scent and calming effects, non-smokers also find great fun in shisha smoking, as the tobacco is not burned but heated to extract it's aroma and flavor. Moreover, even cigarette smokers replace their favorite brand for the enjoyment of a good shisha. It's really that good!