Shisha Care
Washing your shisha after every use is highly recommended, especially when changing flavors. Some flavors are stronger than others and there remains of flavor might still be in the shisha if not cleaned. Brush the insides of the metal mid-section with a cleaning kit brush. Also, wash the glass base after each use with warm water. Discard any water after each use. Do not run water through the hose. Simply blow into your hose after each use to get rid of residue build up. To clean the outside, Brasso does a great job polishing up the brass parts of the shisha. Chrome or aluminum non abrasive cleaners will do the job on the aluminum parts. The glass base should be polished up with Windex on the outside and wiped clean with a dry towel, or a newspaper (works perfectly). Keeping up with this cleaning schedule every two weeks or so, will keep your precious shisha in the best smoking condition and looking as good as ever!