​Top Ten Hookah Tips and Tricks

​Top Ten Hookah Tips and Tricks

Over the years, the usage of hookahs has increased tremendously. Whether for curiosity or simply for the thick plumes of smoke, many people are now drawn towards using hookahs. The question that is often asked is “what are the tips and tricks for bettering your hookah?” Well, here they are!

1.Use cold water and ice cubes

With each puff that you take, the water in the bottle gets warmer and warmer. Addition of ice cubes in the water ensures that the water’s temperature is maintained. This is because the ice cubes melt slowly and that guarantees the freshness of your hookah. It is important to use cold water or ice cubes each time you prepare to use your hookah.

2.Ensure that the tobacco you intend to use is stored in a dry place

For your hookah to taste fresh, tobacco should be kept away from direct sunlight and exposure to air. The temptation to use a pack of old tobacco could be overwhelming. In that case, mix the old tobacco with new tobacco and experience new flavors. Always learn to keep your tobacco in a sealable bag and ensure it does not come into contact with air.

3.Always use a vortex bowl

A vortex bowl is great for keeping the tobacco fluids intact. It has a special cone within itself with the sole purpose of holding the tobacco fluids. The holes contained in the vortex bowl are situated inside the cone. This is unlike the usual bowl that has the holes at the bottom. The vortex bowl improves the taste of your hookah as you take puffs with your friends and family.

4.Mix different flavors of tobacco

Doing this will guarantee an enjoyable experience. Tobacco shisha comes in different flavors; Banana and strawberry, cappuccino and mint, apple and strawberry, and mamy more. Do not be afraid to try out new combinations of flavors. You never know, you might just discover your favorite flavor. Mixing these different flavors could also be the trick you are looking for to improve the taste of your hookah.

5.Add some sweet red wine

To have a memorable experience when smoking , add a little amount of sweet red wine into the water. This addition will give you a new flavor and feeling of gratification each time you take a puff.

6.Change the water

After a smoking session, make it a habit to change the water in your hookah bottle. Do not use the same water for several smoking sessions. This will reduce your chances of having a memorable experience. For an even better experience, change the water with each bowl. This could be tedious but worth the effort. Ensuring that the water is fresh before a smoking session has a great effect on the flavor of your hookah.

7.More shisha is not better

For every session, ensure you are using just the appropriate amount of tobacco. It is easy to get carried away and fill your bowl to the brim. Spreading the tobacco is instead the better option. This is because it prevents the bowl from clogging. Evenly spreading the tobacco also guarantees that the tobacco juices do not get into the vase. Always leave a space between the tobacco and the foil to ensure the holes are left clean.

8.Use natural coals over instant coals

Natural coal regulates heat and ensures that the tobacco does not get burnt up. Choosing natural coal over instant coals is the right step towards a tasty hookah. Natural coals ensure you avoid headaches after every smoking session. For an organic fresh tasting hookah, choosing natural coal is your answer.

9.Clean after use

Always clean your hookah after every smoking session. Thoroughly wash the stem, the bottle and the bowl. The smell of smoke as a result of burnt tobacco will stain your hookah if it is not properly cleaned. This will greatly affect your next smoking session and make your hookah taste bad. Use warm water to rinse the hose and always let it dry before the next session. If possible, learn to clean your hookah between sessions.

10.Learn to keep your tobacco refrigerated

Doing this makes it last longer. This is also an effective way of storing your tobacco if you are not planning to have a smoking session soon. Always keep in mind that tobacco is the essential component of a tasty hookah.